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Interview Exclusive [EN] : Azeon [05-2012]

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(Publié par Zano | Mise à jour le 26 juillet 2012)
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This is the first time for Azeon, for Le Coin des Clubbers and for me. Indeed, its the fist interview of Azeon, its the first interview for me as member of " Le Coin des Clubbers". (I was also interviewed Noisecontrollers, A-Lusion and Francesco Zeta for my blog Qlimax Blog)

Simon Vindelev alias Azeon (almost an anagram of Zano) was born the 15th of April 1996 in Aalborg au Danemark.

16years ! and its not his first year of production.

"Talking to the Moon" and "Part of Infinity" are his most popular tracks.


1) How and when did you start in music ? Got you started ? and what did you start ?

  • I started around November 2008, made my first track on my sisters laptop with some hardstyle samples. I still remember those days, always had the same template for a track, guess it made me stick to it because it was so easy.
  • I’ve always been interested in music production. Deejaying for example was something I wanted to learn but I found FL Studio first.
  • I never ever expected to get so far in music, I didn’t expect to keep doing it for so long time too. Now it’s my life, and also an addiction.

2) What are your sources of inspiration ?

  • Myself, milk and various genres. I do not try to copy other tracks style and sounds. Not really the biggest hardstyle listener.. but I guess that keeps my tracks fresh.

3) What is your current configuration software / hardware ?

  • I use FL Studio 9, and I do not own any hardware devices. My sound machine is the VST Sylenth1, without that there wouldn’t be any Azeon.

4) You have not yet old enough to make events but what is the festival that you would like to do ?

  • I’d love to do Defqon.1 or Loudness ! I love watching videos from summer festivals, but something more raw is better when you want to go insane and that’s more like me.

5) Would you join a label. If so which one ?

  • This might sound like something every hardstyle producer wants but, Fusion records. The sound is so diverse, from producer to producer. You always know when it’s a Fusion release though, it has that special Fusion feel :)

6) Where does your nickname "Azeon" ?

  • It’s a made up name, it started out as I was going through a time where everything I made sounded like shit ! so I thought, a new name would help ? now it’s almost an alter ego to me when I produce.

7) Are They other musicians in your family ?

  • There actually is, they also do electronic styles of music, not EDM though.
  • My two cousins, Under the names Dying Dyveke and Autofiction. Their projects are split. You can read more about their projects here.

Dying Dyveke : Dying Dyeke Autofiction :

8) How does your family are you doing ?

  • My dad, weird enough is actually a priest. My mom helps addicts with their drug problems. My mom is also an educated priest.
  • With that said, you might think I would be a crazy religious person, right ? and I go to church every Sunday and pray every night ?
  • I don’t believe in religion, it’s not that I’m against it I would never stand in line for it. They like I have a passion though, a dream and something that I really love doing.

9) What do you consider your best track ?

  • That would be my collaboration with my homie Redvious ! Me-Fucking-Lodic. That track still amazes me, just. fuck.

  • Also we finally started up our huge project Justmore ! it’s still in the works, but we promise you’re going be surprised.

Justmore facebook : (like it)

10) What are your favorite artists ?

  • If I had to say I had a source for inspiration in sound design, that would be the mighty hardstyle gods : Noisecontrollers. They are incredible in every way, especially Bas Oskam.
  • When I don’t listen to Hardstyle, I mostly listen to the hip-hop collective Odd Future. They are so talented, every single one of them.
  • You have properly never heard of it when the hardstyle scene isn’t very open minded when it comes to other genres.
  • People gotta learn to acknowledge other styles of music, and don’t be so fucking negative all of the time. Try something new for once !

11) What is your top 10 now ?

Not really a fan of top 10’s but...

  1. - Headhunterz & Wildstylez ft. Noisecontrollers - Tonight (Original Mix)
  2. - Noisecontrollers - Yellow Minute
  3. - High Voltage & B-Front - Everything Changes
  4. - Azeon - Parts of Infinity
  5. - Noisecontrollers - Pillars of Creation
  6. - Kaskade - Lessons in Love (Headhunterz Remix)
  7. - Azeon - Immersive (2012 Remix)
  8. - Justmore - TBA
  9. - Audiofreq - Audioslave
  10. - KOAN Sound - Meanwhile, in the Future

12) What are you doing in life ?

  • Currently I’m at a Boarding School, the school year is almost over so soon I’ll have lots of time to produce ! I only produce in the weekends, so I haven’t been able to make music every day.

13) Do you have other young artists (Danish or not) to show us ?

  • One of the most underrated producers is The Encounter. Still starting out, but a hard working fella. Start following him, he is going to be huge. It’s all about time, every artist has their own progression.
  • Link : The Encounter

14) What are your plans now ?

  • Start my project together with Redvious, we really want this to be amazing and different. Our plans for it, is basically getting signed to a big label. We know nothing yet, only time will tell.

Redvious : Facebook Page

15) To conclude what would you say to your French fans ?

I motherfucking love all of you. I hope to play in every single club, event in France someday. Thanks for reading this too !

Conclusion by Zano

  • As artist or redactor, we are nothing without audience. Thats why you could share this article without moderation : "share on facebook"


  • Thank you to read this article.
  • Thanks to "Le Coin des Clubbers" for his trust.
  • Thanks to Azeon for this Exclusive Interview

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Exclusive Interview made by email between Zano (Jean) and Azeon for "Le Coin des Clubbers" all rights reserved. All copy/paste is illegal and harms the redactor. Please Share it :)

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