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Exclusive Interview : Destructorz [EN] [09-12]

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(Publié par Zano | Mise à jour le 20 septembre 2012)
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Version Française ici >> Interview Exclusive : Destructorz [FR] [09-12]

For the third exclusive interview, I chose Destructorz, a young and talented Dutch artist of Vtraxx Records.

-  First of all, could you sum up the beginning of your Hardstyle production ?

Well, back in the days im used to listen to hardcore. At the time hardstyle came in and i really loved that, i went to school and met a guy that did dupstep productions with fruityloops, he was a big influence on me. I wanted to produce electronic music too and started playing with fruityloops. After a while i made my first track, nothing special, i searched information about producing on the internet. I noticed people used Cubase a lot. So i started practicing with that and now i just use that program for all my productions.

-  And hardware ?

I use a external soundcard, KRK Studiomonitors and a midikeyboard. I’m about to buy a Virus TI soon, but for now i mostly produce my sounds with Sylenth1.

-  When did you start producing ?

I started producing in the begining of 2010, almost 3 years now.

-  What are your influences ? (artists /genre)

I have a lot of influences, in Hardstyle definitely Headhunterz ,also the young boy from Denmark, Adrenalize, he’s only 15 years old and his producing such amazing quality tracks. I can’t forget Sound Freakerz of course, those guys inspire me a lot. I love their style ! Of course there are many more big artists i look up to. I actually don’t have influences from other genres.

-  Where does your nickname "Destructorz" and what do you think about the "Z" in the end used by a lot of artists ?

Well, when i started producing for a while i invited a friend to do some tracks with me for fun, he didnt produce at all. We decided to keep producing together. Of course we needed a name. At that time our tracks sounded like crap and crunchy, with a ruined mixdown. So we came up with the name "Destructorz". Later he left and i went solo again. About the "Z" at the end, i think it’s something weird at hardstyle names but it just looks cool. We just choose a Z for the look.

-  Tell us briefly your carreer with important steps

First step was to get some good studiomonitors to have a clear sound. Second step was to make a lot of tracks and practicing a lot. After that i came in contact with Thomas Thijssen, Labelmanager from VTraxx Records. I Can’t remember how. I sended him my stuff and wanted to release my upcoming stuff and now i got 2 releases there, and many more tracks are following ! Also i got some bookings in holland, and hope to do some more soon.

-  What is your own favorite track ?

That has to be "Destructorz - The Music" which got released in September the 17th.


-  What are you doing when you don’t produce ?

I’ve actually nothing to do when i’m not producing, im recovering from a big back-surgery. Of course i’m chilling out with friends when i’m not making music. But the most of the time i’m making music because that’s my hobby and i love to do it.

-  With who would you like to collab ?

I would like to collab with a lot of artists, but specially i would love to collab with Sound Freakerz and i would like also collab with Atmozfears and Adrenalize.

-  And what are your projects now ?

I’m working on a few new tracks, and those will be released as soon as they are finished. At the moment i have no bookings confirmed, i hope to have some new bookings soon ! and i love to do a album in the future.

-  Where do you have booked ?

I´ve played in a little town Elst in "Scoob" it was not really big. I also played at my hometown Rhenen, it was a Outdoor party in the middle of the city. My latest booking was in "Club Mundo" with Wildstylez in the line-up, that was a pretty cool booking. (Club Mundo is in Veenendaal, Hometown of Headhunterz and Wildstylez) But for now i’m focusing more on producing.

-  What is your top 3, 5 or 10 currently ?

Top 5 :

  1. Adrenalize - Secrets of Time
  2. Sound Freakerz & Machteld - Reality
  3. Inner Heat & Atmozfears - Distortion Fields
  4. Frontliner - Symbols
  5. Lady Faith - Moxie

-  Do you have visit great events by q-dance or others ?

Yes ! i got a ticket from someone who did a stage on Q-base so i went to Q-Base last week for the first time, it was just an amazing event. Also i’m thinking about to go to the ziggodome for Headhunterz : Hard With Style.

-  Someone who did a stage on Q-base ?

Yes, they won the "drop your own area" contest and i got a ticket from the guy who was a part of it.

-  What do you think about French people ?

Friendly ! When i was in Paris the people were really friendly, except for the traffic haha. I love to go to France again and hope to play there someday.

-  And about our food ?

Well every country have something else thats weird for another country. But in France i really like the croissants

-  To conclude what would you say to your fans ?

I want to say, Thanks to everyone who supported me those years, i hope you all keep supporting me. A lot of new stuff is coming up !

-  More info on :


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