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Exclusive Interview : Audiofreq [EN] [08-12]

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(Publié par Zano | Mise à jour le 5 septembre 2012)
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This is the second complete and exclusive interview of "Le Coin de Zano" !

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Sam alias Audiofreq, a great artist of Scantraxx Records made ​​us happy to answer a few questions about his vision of the French public, on his beginning, the split from Bioweapon, his current projects and other revelations most interesting one than others.

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Among your fans, you have a lot of french people.

1) You did a few bookings in France, especially in the NG2 (25),”La Clé des Champs” (01) near Lyon and recently (21 july ) at Spirit (67) near Strasbourg. What do you think about these 3 bookings ? (crowd, organization, ambiance…) What is your favorite ?

To be honest, every event that I have played in France has had fantastic organization and I was treated like a rockstar ! I really enjoyed them all equally !

2) What do you like in our culture ? (Wine ? Gastronomy ? Something else ?

I really love the fun and positive energy of the French people - I don’t know how to put it but there’s a certain class and positivity you guys have and its pretty awesome ! Of course, I also love French wine, so thats always a plus too !

3) What city did you visit (besides booking) ?

To be honest, I haven’t had much of a chance to really see any of the cities outside of my bookings. Mainly because I fly in pretty late in the afternoon/evening and fly out early in the morning ! That kinda sucks because I love exploring and seeing different cultures, architecture and trying different food.

4) Have you any joke or something else about french people ?

Well growing up I remember hearing some jokes about eating frog’s legs, and I thought that was pretty strange - but I tried some frogs legs once (in an Asian restaurant !) and I loved them ! Whether you guys actually eat frogs legs or not doesn’t even matter, they’re delicious !

5) Do you know french Hardstyle producers ? If yes who and what do you think of ?

I’ve heard some stuff from the Pulserz and they are pretty promising actually !


1) How did you discover the Hardstyle ? With what tracks ?

I remember hearing early hardstyle well before I started producing hardstyle and I really didn’t like it and for a long time I was biased against hardstyle - it wasn’t musical, it was this relentless kick and bass with some sounds over the top and I just didn’t understand it. It wasn’t until I heard Headhunterz - The Power of the Mind in 2008 that I started paying attention to the more melodic direction of hardstyle. I come from a more ‘traditional’ musical background, I played both the trumpet and piano when I was growing up so melody is in my blood and now that hardstyle is going in this direction I can appreciate it a lot more.

2) Have you always produces this style or other styles ? And if so, under what alias ?

No, I’ve always been a person to experiment. Some of my early work was hiphop, nu skool breaks, drum n bass, trance and uk hardcore. My ethos was and still is to make music that is both emotional and energetic and I believe that is something that transcends genre boundaries. Some people might remember my stuff as Orbit1 or some of my tech trance as BRK3, I try to make music I like regardless of the speed or style.

3) How did you meet your compatriots : Corey (Code Black), Elie and Olcay (Toneshifterz) ?

We all started with the UK hardcore scene and had met up in Sydney plenty of times before. I had worked with Corey since 2005 and we did a few collaborations as Inverse & Orbit1. After hearing some of Elie’s work under Lumin8 and seeing that no one in the UK hardcore was taking up his music I started a free label project called Futurenoize to release music from all of us because we all had a similar ethos to music, a very similar sound and approach and I wanted to spread the music as far as possible. From there, we separately started experimenting with hardstyle as it grew to be more melodic and the rest is history ;)

4) How was your signing at Scantraxx label ?

Good ! I don’t know what else to say except they take good care of me and are an excellent platform for my music.


1) How were your beginnings in the Netherlands ?

Moving outside of your country and comfort zone is always very difficult. I have had experience doing this before - in 2008 I moved to the UK - but leaving your friends and family behind is always difficult even when you’re chasing your dream. I was very lucky though, made friends here quickly and they helped me settle in a lot.

2) Netherlands is thousands of miles from your home country. Do you miss your country ?

Without question, every day.

3) Did you become Dutch or Australian citizenship yet ?

I will always retain my Australian citizenship. Whether I become Dutch or not... I’m not ruling it out - I’m not eligible yet though, I need to learn the language first ! I think there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before becoming a citizen of a country - primarily through personal and cultural intergration. Its a lot more than just filling out a few forms and getting an ID card.

4) What are you doing during the week when you don’t produce ? (Hobbys etc…)

If I’m not working on music, I’m listening to music, thinking about new ideas for music, trying to appreciate different facets of music, or reading about music. Every now and then I watch some TV or a movie or something...


1) Much ink has been spilled on the subject of Bioweapon split. Can we talking about this ?

If so can you give us your version of events and your position on all this ? The idea behind it was very simple - to have our own separate identities and the freedom to do whatever we wanted. If you listen to the different works we have done separately there are clear cross over and differences between our individual approaches to music.

After time when you have been working with someone for years, then living with them, you’re in each others faces 24/7 and resentment grows from things that you don’t even notice. That resentment and urge to carve out my own identity as a singular individual grew so large that I found it really hard to continue working with him.

From there I made a few bad choices under some bad advice and the rest you already know. In retrospect and talking with Corey now a year since our split, the decision to go our own separate ways was good, dare I say, important to the emotional and creative health of the both of us. The way I went about it however, was not.

2) I remember REVERZE 2011, you played as Bioweapon in Lotto Arena, in 2012 edition, Bass Events decide to place in the same area your respective lives one after other. I don’t know if the organizers did it on purpose but I had a strange feeling when i saw you together. A feeling between emotion and joy.  Have you explained ? Can you briefly tell us the meeting behind the scenes ?

Well, it had been half a year since the split and I was going through some old photos of mine and saw one of Corey and myself together with the Toneshifterz after a party we played at in Sydney. All these memories and emotions came flooding back about what we had been through, what we had dreamed about and what we worked together.

At that point, I could bare it no longer and wanted to start properly reconciling with him. We’d been through so much man, I didn’t want to throw that past and history all away. I saw that we would both be playing at Reverze so I approached him backstage and we got talking. It was really good to just talk and be civil. One of those things where you just think “this is nice, this is good.” It was never my intention for us to play one after the other though, there was a mix up that happened on the night.

3) How has become your relation after ? And currently ?

We’re working on it. We’re releasing the old Bioweapon tracks for free through our facebook pages, so there’s progress. Building anything worthwhile takes time, especially after a lot of hurt. :)


1) What is your Track Top 3, Top 5 or Top 10 ?

Quick Top 3 :

  • Audiofreq - Pressure
  • TNT feat Ellie - Promise Me
  • Noisecontrollers & Showtek - TBA (does this have a name yet ???)

2) What are your favorite artists ?

I love the Technoboy and Tuneboy consistently and without question. They are always very innovative and creative. Even if a track is meant to be another dancefloor tune, there’s always something unique behind it. Noisecontrollers have pushing the boundaries of hardstyle and that always excites me. D-block and S-te-fan are consistently amazing. If I see DBSTF on a track somewhere, I know its going to be awesome.

3) What is your best gig ?

I’ve had so many awesome gigs this year in 2012 its hard to say. Maybe Fantasy Island ? 10 Years of Scantraxx ? Maybe the best is yet to come, its only August !

4) What is your musical top besides Hardstyle ?

I am really loving Linkin Park’s new album ‘Living Things’ and the score that Mike Shinoda did with Joseph Trapanese for ‘The Raid : Redemption’. I am also a huge fan of Pendulum and Gareth/Rob’s new project - Knife Party. Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Koan Sound and Opiuo also are in heavy rotation in my music library.


1) After many collaborations and solo tracks what are your projects now ?

Album. Thats what I’m doing. Its a very interesting challenge to work on an album. It allows you to explore yourself artistically. If an album is 15 of the same style, people get bored of it. So you need to experiment and do things you wouldn’t normally do, or in my case - finally have an excuse to do stuff I’ve always wanted to do !

2) With who would you like to work/collab ?

I am a strong believer in cross-pollination and croisement of styles. If I want to work with anyone, its because I love what they do because its different to what I do. I want to make interesting and exciting music and when people who do the same thing team up together its no where near as exciting or interesting to me as when when opposite ends of the spectrum work together. As for anyone in particular, I’m not sure !


1) You don’t need MC for your live performances. Have you already think to become a professional MC like DV8, MC Villain or Ruffian ?

Not really. I see what I do just as extension of my performance to extract as much energy as possible out of the crowd. I don’t really consider myself an MC even though I like to get people moving with the mic, I think I’d leave that to the professionals. They are pro’s for a reason ! :)

2) You are always on the top, what is your secret ? (Energy Drink, Drugs, Special Bunch ? ^^)

100% clean, no drugs. I think its just a case of being a being hyperactive and feeling the energy from the crowd. Sometimes I think of myself like a mirror, the more energy I feel from the crowd the more I give back. I really love what I do - thats the “secret”.


To conclude what would you say to your fans ? Thank you so much ! I hope you catch you at a show sometime soon, feel free to say hi any time ! :)



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