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Dj Tediz - Exclusive Interview [EN]

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(Publié par Zano | Mise à jour le 26 mars 2014)
Une soirée à annoncer ? Vas-y !

Exclusive Interview for of DJ TEDIZ, a talented chilian man by Zano with the friendly help of Smaz for the translation.

Version Française ici >> Dj Tediz - Interview Exclusive [FR]

1) Hi can you sum up who you are ?

Hey ! My real name is Sebastián Cabezas a.k.a. Dj Tediz, i’m 20 years old and i’m from Viña del Mar, Chile.

2) Who are your favourite artists ?

I have many favourite artist in many styles. In Hard Dance Scene i can name The Prophet, Zatox, Frontliner or Angerfist.

In other Electronic Styles Pendulum, Paul Van Dyk, Yellow Claw. I also hear metal bands, as my favourite Dream Theater.

Their keyboardist Jordan Rudess is my inspiration to do my music.

3) Describe your experience in every instruments you play (guitar, keypad, dj...)

Well, my experience begins when i was young, 13 years old with the Guitar. At my 14 years i started to play the Keyboards and Piano. I learned very fast to play this instrument and interpretate song of many classic, rock, metal and electronic artists.

About 6 years ago with my brother, we started to play at Night Clubs in Valparaiso doing our first Live Acts. While he was mixing Trance and Hard Trance songs, i played their melodies on the keyboard. The crowd goes crazy with the show. That was great !

After playing my instrument as a street musician, Piano Shows at my institute or Local Theaters, my love for the Hardstyle Music makes me begin learn how to mix songs and become a Dj.

When i was mixing at my resident Club called "El Huevo de Valparaíso", I thought : What if i play my sintetizer or my guitar while i mix songs ? I learned how to play them together LIVE at my club. The people went crazy with my show and they started to asking me where they could find me. Here is when Dj Tediz born.

So quickly so much people started to follow my show at my events. I received much support of our Chilean Hard Dance Scene and to much doors began to open.

Now i’m feeling so happy for what i’ve done and how my friends and the Hard Dance Scene support my work as a Dj, musician or how they call me : "The Orchesta Man".

4) What is your configuration in your room ? Describe your material (software/hardware)

In my room i have my sintetizer Korg M-50, my guitar Cort Vx2x, a distortion pedal called Fullbore Metal and a Midi Keyboard connected to my Laptop (Live VSTi with Frooty Loops). My instruments are connected to my mixer, and my mixer is connected to my Pioneer DDJ SX where i mix the songs and record. The pioneer is connected to my second Laptop sincronized with Traktor.

I also have two GoPro Hero3 Black cameras to record with two scenes.

5) From where comes your idea of your "cover videos"

When Dj Tediz began, i needed to show myself to the people. As i love to play the Piano and mixing, i thought the idea to make Piano Megamixes of something that they know or love, like the most popular Hardstyle Dj of that moment,

Headhunterz. I called "Piano Tributes", because i only play songs of the artists in the video. People liked so much the videos, so, i decided to do a Piano Tribute of Frontliner. I never suppose this would happen : Frontliner posted my video on his Facebook Page. That was amazing !

So much people started to follow my videos, and i decided to keep making more tributes, single songs covers, and demos of Hardstyle Live Act, Guitar Live Act, etc.

Actually, Frontliner, Gunz for Hire and Noisecontrollers have posted my videos on their pages, and Angerfist and Wildstylez have commented them.

6) You told me that you had played for a tv showi need more info about itcasting etc..

The past 5 of February i went to a casting for a Talent Show called "Talento Chileno", I played Hardstyle Live Act with my keyboards. The judges went crazy when i started to mix and play the keyboard toghether ! That was amazing !

Today (28 february 2014), i have answered a call from the channel, they told me that i successfully passed the casting and i will be recording the program in a few weeks more.

Now, i’m waiting for the streaming of my casting on TV ! I guess in a few weeks it will be released hehe (CHANNEL CHV)

7) What are your plans in the future ? What dream would you becomes reality ? What would you like to do with your talent ?

-  In the future I would like to keep playing my LIVE ACT show at my upcoming gigs and finish my first Vocal Hardstyle Song that I’m producing. With this song, i want to record a Hardstyle Guitar/Keyboard LIVE ACT/DJ SET and postulate to the XXlerator Dj Contest. I would like to win the Talent Show and start to play all around my country, and producing more tracks for one day, reach the Q-Dance Stage. I would like to be the Hardstyle Orchesta Man hahaha.

-  As i said, with my talent i want to keep producing Hardstyle songs with crazy melodies and guitar, much guitars ! haha

-  Hmm, i can say that i have two dreams : 1) Play my Hardstyle LIVE ACT show @ Qlimax and destroy the stage with my guitar haha 2) In the future, after playing all around the world, perform a event called "Tediz in Concert" or "THIS IS TEDIZ", "Tediz Only" i don’t know yet, and play a extended set of my show at our National Stadium in Santiago de Chile and fill it full of public !

8) What do you do when you dont play music ? (study/work etc.)

Yesterday i uploaded a HARD BASS Piano Version of Halos, Frontliner. In a few hours later, the posted my video on his facebook page, and he said : "This is a hero !! Press ’like’ if you think he’s got an amazing talent @Dj Tediz"

Really i can’t the believe that the guy who made me hear Hardstyle when i was young today is supporting me !

Now, i’m preparing myself for the Talent Show. I only have two minutes to play my music on TV ... this is a big challenge !

-  The last two years I worked in a port company called "Saam", performing accounting tasks. The pay was good, but I took off way too long which could be dedicated to music. I was a slave ! haha In November last year, I retired from the company and I ventured to follow my dream and work on it, the music. Actually the only thing I do is music ! If I’m not making music, I am negotiating upcoming events to play or spreading my videos on internet hehe Really i can say that i breath music hehe

9) What would you like to say to conclude ?

I would say thanks to everyone who follow and support my work and invite everyone who likes live performances, live instruments and crazy hard shits to follow my facebook page. I’m preparing a lot of new covers, piano tributes, live act videos, new live instruments, own productions and much much partyhard for you guys ! hehe

-  Facebook
-  Youtube Soundcloud

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